What is......

the most neglected unsanitary part of your home? 

If you said your heating and cooling ductwork, then you are probably right. You see, if the ducts in your home have never been cleaned, chances are they are coughing up some serious indoor air pollution every time your furnace fan comes on. Over the years, contaminants like dirt, dust, mites, pollen, mold, and mildew  build up and get trapped in your homes heating and cooling ducts and this can be quite Unhealthy

We are located in your immediate area, so our service can be performed Promptly and to meet your schedule. The cost for our services is extremely Competitive when you consider the measures we take to do a thorough Job. With our multi-step procedures, we are Unmatched in our Thoroughness.

Step#1. First, we attach our super powerful truck mounted vacuum to your air system to remove the dirt and debris from your duct system and ultimately from your home. 
Step#2. Specially designed high pressure air nozzles and duct whippers and scrubbers are sent into each duct to losen caked on material so the power-vac can remove the contamination and dirt from your home. 
Step#3. Registers and diffusers are sprayed with high pressure air and wiped clean.
Step#4. Furnace fan is removed, cleaned with high pressure, and lubricated. 
Step#5. The heat exchanger and burners are cleaned with high pressure air.
Step#6. Air Conditioner Coils are cleaned and rinsed.
Step #7. The Flue pipe is cleaned at the Furnace. 
Step#8. If mold or mildew is suspected, a sanitizing agent is fogged into the Duct-work to eliminate these allergy causing bugs. 

All in all it could be a very healthy decision for you to schedule a time for a free estimate by calling our office. 

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